You May Not Even Be A Tree At All

There are many times in life where you may feel stuck.
Maybe stuck in more ways than one.
Powerless maybe
But that’s normal
Let’s change from stuck to planted


The difference that makes.
If you want it
Choose it
Water it
Otherwise it’s just death
Staying there too long
Death just the same.
Eventually you’ll have reached your limit
You’ll need to be placed in a bigger pot
More growth.
Your roots die
The end.
Repot yourself when you’ve reached an end
Growth never ends.
It only always begins.
A continuous motion of love from the one above
That we could only hope to get closer to who He wants us to be.
Dig deep
Figure it out
Repot or continue to grow until you have to repot
Only you know
Because no one can grow for you.
That’s something for you alone.
Do not envy the leaves of a tree who’s grown 20 feet tall.
You may not even be a tree at all.
But you have a purpose and mission all the same.
Dig deep.
Figure it out.
Only you know.

– your average human

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