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What keeps you up at night?

What troubles you?

What scenes play out in your head over and over and over again and usually always resulting in the same thing. 

The moves change but the outcome remains the same.

Does that mean something or do we somehow always sabotage our thoughts into the same result?

Is that what others call being close minded?

I’m honestly not that sure.

Most nights I sleep easy

But as time has passed

Comfort lines have been crossed

I find myself a little indifferent.

A little lost.

I see things in a different light.

I see things I don’t actually quite like but cannot actively change without bringing on a fight.

A fight I’m not certain I want to fight.

A fight that may result in an end as opposed to a beginning.

Or is an end actually a beginning??


I’ve heard that a lot.

But what I haven’t heard too much is

“C’mon you’ve got this!”

“Let’s do it. It’s worth the risk!”

Because no risk is easy



Or secure.

You’ve just gotta let go.

So I’ll ask you one question.

And it’s okay if you’re not quite sure

Most of the time I don’t have any answers for some time.

But with good time I find that I’ve have the answer all along.

So here is my question.

Are you ready to let go?

If yes,





your average human

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