I’ve always been taught to write neatly and color inside the lines.
I’ve always been told which customs and mannerisms by which I’d be defined.
Simply do this or do that so you can be like this or like that.
They always told me what role to play or what hat to wear.
They always did teach me how to share.
I’m an adult now
and I hate coloring inside the lines
and I don’t allow society to
I don’t allow for others to come into my life and take the things I have worked hard to Achieve because they don’t quite fit into the small square spaces they call “success”.
I will never be the next billboard ad or the next commercial on tv.
I may never be he role model you desired for your daughter or someone you aspire to be.
I won’t color inside the lines because you want me to or because it is what is right.
I will color outside the lines and call finishing a glass of milk a total success.
I will wear whatever hat I please and play any role that I want.
I will be daughter and mother and builder and chef all in one day.
I’ll be driver and lover and coffee drinker all in one sway.
My writing will be messy and most likely hard to read.
But I don’t need you to read me I don’t need you to stay.
I’ve called myself to live outside of the neat black lines that define where that colored Pencil should end and I live on the outside where creativity, mistakes and undefined Scribbles are made.
Life is what you make it and living outside those lines gives you the freedom to create it.

until next time,
your average human

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