Push. Pull.

Push. Pull.
Push. Pull.
The waves of the sea call out.
Push and pull.
Their movement swift and steady and on going.
Push. Pull.
The frigid waters longing for the warmth of the shore
but the constant pull of the sea keeping her from such infinite glee.
I can only imagine what the waves feel
being so close to happiness and all
but knowing that such happiness would only mean
that it would sink into the depths of the sand as it absorbs it’s very being.
It isn’t easy to battle with yourself
because the waves and the sea are both really just one.
One body composed of 3.
Let the waves lie,
let her speak
the bigger and higher they are
the greater the landing
the longer the warmth of the shore
but really,
they will only get lost and absorbed.
The thing about desire and want and longing
is that sometimes we are blinded by them
and the consequences of whatever it is hit us
as the waves hit the side of a cliff.
Push and pull
and push and crash
we lose ourselves in infatuation
and our souls begin to lack.
A void and emptiness and a darkness
inside as our beings are absorbed by the sand of the shore in this thing we call life.
Live as the sea
and know that it’s best to stay away from the shore
away from some of the things we constantly desire more and more.
It’s always better to keep yourself fully than to lose yourself at shore.

until next time,

your average human

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