I’ll miss you like the winter misses the hot summer nights.
the way a sailor misses the sea.
the way an actor misses the stage.
like a baby who misses the warmth of their mother late into the night.
I’ll simply miss you.
and I will long for you the way the desert longs for water.
like a drug addicted man who is always longing for his next fix.
you were my anti-drug.
my final fix.
being away from you hurts the way you hurt when you step on a Lego
or the kind of hurt you can only feel when there’s no one to lean on when you’ve fallen. the kind of hurt that takes your breathe away,
the kind that make hunger pains feel like the soft touch of your hand on my face.
you’re a breathe of fresh air.
the next beat to my heart,
the harmony to my melody
and the refreshing water that washes my bruised body.
you are everything in my eyes but I wasn’t anything in yours…
and that’s what I feel the most.

Until Next Time,

your average human

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