And after all is said and done and the sun has come and gone.
All of the worries that you put away for the sun to hide in its shadows come out to play.
They flood your mind as your head hits the pillow as if your mind were a playground for them the night to stay.
Thing is you fight and you fight until your will has lost all of its might and you let them run free and allow yourself to sink into this place they call you guilty.
Because all of the thoughts that you thought we’re innocent, with time they grow into things you can no longer control and they roam free.
Free into this realm of sin that grabs a hold of you.
Chain after chain, link after link you’re digging deeper into this hole that engulfs you.
Now it’d be of lesser fear if you were alone in the hole but with each chain comes a stronghold and each hold an owner.
An owner not so pleasant at all. A demon, a devil an angel that had a great fall.
They stare and they talk and condemn you to hell for all of the things you never could tell and the shame and the guilt and the disgust all the same, cover you in layers of filth and grime and all you can think is “I’ll probably die this time.”
And it’s not a death of the physical kind but one where the spirit and soul feel the heat of the hell they will face.
Now I’m not saying that my hope is all gone because in a place far away where there are roads made of gold and crystal streams, therein lies a hero in all of His praise.
I don’t call him batman or flash or captain America but I do call him Savior and God and Jesus the same.
See wehn I called for him he removed all the shame and took away the shovel I’d used to dig the hole and he threw down the rope.
A rope bound with love, faith and hope.
Slowly the chains slipped off and this hell I was in began to back off.
My hands weak as could be took hold of this rope and as he lifted me out I could begin to see that the dirt and the mud and the grime was being wiped away.
He was cleaning me up and lifting me out all in one day. No, he didn’t ask for anything in return. He’d done it out of mercy, compassion and love.
And as I got closer to the top of this hole, I could see his face shinning like wehn the sun rises on a brand new day.
At last I was out and free from this hell I called home. No longer did I have to lay there bitter and groan cuz I had been brought out by his blood alone.

Yours Truly,

Your Average Human

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