Words Can Be Empty Too

I can speak miles and miles of wisdom
Yet somehow it slips through my teeth easier than water through my fingers
emotions, rushes, and stupid devotions
running when they say run
stopping when they all stop
i’ve lost myself in helping others and i’ve yet to help myself
people telling me to let go
move on
find something better
Me telling people to let go
move on
find something better
upset when they don’t listen
but how can i expect them to listen if i can’t listen to myself?
my voice has become white noise
you don’t really notice it’s there until they change the channel and it’s gone
i break and instead of fixing myself and gathering my pieces
i look for somebody else who needs fixing
distracting my heart from the harsh reality that it is to be alone
to be let go
to be rejected by the people you wish for the most
knowing that i’m aching for the acceptance from the wrong crowd while the right crowd sits before me
a waste of time they tell me
a waste of time i tell them when they are being wasted away by a love that is not reciprocal by the other party
i can see the core of who i am wasting away in the tears that are so often falling on the
steering wheel of my car
emotions can be deceiving
love today
insecurity tomorrow
emotions are unstable
emotions are not trustworthy
i rely on them the way a baby relies on its mother for feeding
i can speak miles of wisdom
and be the last to listen.

 – your average human

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