On Loving You Wrong

You were always a mountain.
So tall and beautiful
Always so easy to see.
You stood out above everything else.
With every season that changed
Your colors changed too.
Rocky in some places
Smooth in others.
Trees and all the living things
and longed for you.
You were strong and sturdy
When pieces of you broke and fell,
You simply grew trees
The living things made a home out of the gaps that were left behind by the broken pieces now beneath you.
It is as if it was never there.
And you remained unmoved.
On the other hand
Was too much like the sea.
My waters sometimes still
And on nights where I’d feel too much
Well that’s what they call the raging seas.
I was always so vast and vague
You could never quite see all of me
That’s probably why you couldn’t really understand me.
There was always forgiveness for that.
You couldn’t help looking down at me because I was always right below you
Creating the shores everyone loves to rest on.
Salty air in their lungs
Sand beneath their feet
And freedom in their hearts.
You were a place of happiness for climbers and swimmers alike.
There are more for you than there are for me.
I enjoyed watching everyone play on your shores and climb your trees.
But somehow,
You confused looking down at me with looking down on me
You began to forget that you needed me as much as I needed you.
My raging seas became a sore
My still waters a bore.
Yet somehow I still made sure to serve the perfect waves
And keep the sharks at bay.
I continued to do these things for you without complaint.
You continued to grow colder
And I didn’t quite understand why.
I loved you all around
And on every side
But you,
You stopped looking at me with kind eyes
And it may have been the clouds
But I looked too small for you
And you seem to have forgotten the depths of who I am.
You forgot about darkness within me that remain unexplored because many,
Much like yourself,
Were too afraid to explore.
So I became polluted and dirty with the garbage I allowed others pour into me while I waited for you to get your head out of the clouds.

It’s been months now,
And I’m no longer making waves.

Until next time,
Your Average Human

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