I have found myself talking about time a lot more lately.
Everything has revolved around…time.
Timing is everything.
But as people, not even as a generation, we like things fast and we want things to move quickly.
Like the line at the grocery store or the loading of a post on Instagram.
We lose our minds when our food takes too long or our data is going too slow.
Slow is what we should be doing.
This is what we call “process”.
It is a cliche to say “all good things take time” but it is not wrong.
All good, better yet, all great things take time.
There are steps that must be taken.
And most of the time, if not always, there’s always one or two steps that takes quite some time.
The best songs, the best meals, the best books took time to execute.
From planning to working out the kinks to perfecting the part or the flavor or the amount of salt or getting the words down right, it is all a process and that takes time.
As humans, we are constantly going through process, constantly needing time.
We always just want more time.
More time for sleep.
More time for fun.
More time with that lost one that we miss so dearly.
More time to work on a project.
More time to spend with friends.
I find myself in a constant desire for more time.
Unfortunately, that’s not possible.
So what does that mean?
What does process really mean?
I am not very sure, but I do know that I must go through it.
Time and process are so essential to living it’s pretty annoying.
Healing takes time and it takes time to process.
You can’t have just one or the other, they both come hand in hand.
Much like change, we will constantly go through process.
As far as time goes, well, that’s out of our hands.
We must choose how we use our time and we decide whether we want to go through any kind of process to be a better person.
Process makes for a better you.
Take it by the hand and walk with it.
You never know what will come of it.
The really tough part here is trusting God that the process has a positive outcome.
No one likes a negative outcome.
This…this is where it is the hardest.
We are wired to “see it to believe it”
God is wired “believe it without seeing it” otherwise known as “faith”.
Surprise! Faith is T O U G H!
Let me be completely real, it is so difficult.
The upside is that with God, faith is totally worth it.
To trust someone you cannot see and receive an outcome that far exceeds your expectations, well that needs no explanation.
But let’s get back to time.
We share only ONE thing with time…God.
God made you. God made time. God controls time.
So anything in life is…God.
To wait on time is to wait on God.
God’s timing is absolutely perfect.
I know that is also a cliche but let’s be honest, most cliches are pretty spot on.

Until next time,

– your average human

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