Change isn’t an easy thing to swallow or get by.
It’s actually quite lonely.
Loneliness isn’t always a bad thing unless you truly don’t know what to do with it.
I found myself constantly throwing myself back into the dark side of loneliness.
The part where it tells you that no one cares and that you’ll probably stay there forever.
Truth is, theres a brighter side to it.
It’s a just a little tougher than most people can handle, that includes myself.
I’m not the most optimistic person in the room, I’ll admit to that.
My mind tends to fix itself on the darker side of things.
It sees the glass half empty and deems it half gone, but in reality it just has space for more.
More more more.
It took me a while to really believe that we are emptied ONLY so we can be filled again and I slowly learned that this doesn’t only pertain to spirituality but relationships as well.
You are stripped and emptied of the ones that no longer grow you so that the following things may occur:
Personal change and growth ALONE
the ability to learn and grow and learn from other people who have OTHER things offer.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll lose every relationship you’ve ever had.
There will be those people who will continue to walk through life with you for a very very long time (you might even compete to see who can live the longest)
This also doesn’t mean a constant feeling of discomfort but it kind of does.
New isn’t the easiest,
like breaking in a new pair of shoes.
or a new rule.
or a new policy.
or a new boss.
Those things simply demand adjustment.
Those things demand change.
Change keeps the mind, heart, soul and spirit growing.
I’m learning to adjust and I’m learning to look at all of the good things.
Learning to find new opportunities.
New friendships.
New love.
New joy.
New peace.
Learning to let go of the things that continue to hurt me.
Learning to let go.
Let Go.
Those words didn’t quite fit into my vocabulary until just recently.
You might be reading and you might know a few of the things that may have occurred in my life these last few months and some of you have no idea what I am talking about and that is totally okay.
Change comes without explanation and without any reasoning at all we must learn to let go.
The art of letting go, well that is for another day.
For today, we learn to embrace change.
We learn to live with it.
We learn to love it.
We will spend the rest of our lives changing.
Changing clothes and friends and jobs and habits and hairstyles and facial products.
All things changing simply to promote a better result.
So be the better result.
Allow change to roam freely, you deserve the better result.
I promise you it’s scary at first but the outcome is worth every bit of fear.
Until next time my friends.

                                                                                                          – Your Average Human



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